Endpoint & Network Management Our focus is to help you capitalize on the value of technology to achieve your business outcomes without delay. Explore our IoT solutions, services, and products to bring digital transformation to your business.


We provide more than hardware and software solutions - we have the in-house expertise to guide you through your entire IoT business journey.

From consulting to design and manufacturing to insights, AI Systems is your one partner throughout the consult, development, and deployment steps of the IoT ecosystem.

AI Systems can help develop and deploy cloud-based IoT data management solutions. We engage closely with enterprises to develop a scalable architecture that can enable visualization, analytics, and modeling of data from IoT devices.

Smart Manufacturing

We create smart IoT solutions for manufacturing units that can help them maximize productivity and automate all processes that need little to zero manual handling.

Improve your environmental sustainability

Connected devices combined with smart technologies from AI Systems, let you quickly intervene when unusual utility data is detected. This can prevent excessive energy use or resource loss, improve sustainability and diminish your carbon footprint by using fewer resources.

Large Eco System

With AI Systems, you can take advantage of a large ecosystem. AI Systems uses Docker software, giving you access to Docker Hub and thousands of ready-to-use containers. Toradex also has an ecosystem of partners providing services and software for AI Systems. Many third-party software integrations are available, such as Qt, Codesys, Crank, and Uno.